Pease Public Library

Pease Public Library in Plymouth, NH enjoyed decades of heavy use and steady growth in programs and services.  In 2008, a building committee hired the New Hampshire architecture firm, Samyn-D’Elia Architects, to draw up plans for the expansion and renovation of the library.

Most important, the renovation & expansion program called for improved energy efficiency.  Pease Library’s goal of focusing on a high energy performance was not only to save costs, but as part of an ongoing education program for visitors and patrons about green building practices.



 Side Street View.  This part of the addition added space and also the covered arched walkway  to the front entry that will provide cover from the sometimes harsh winter conditions.



Pease Library not only needed more space but better use of existing space.  The new circulation desk employs an arc to easily facilitate the requests of patrons.


Adult Reading Room has the benefit of enjoying the coziness of a gas fireplace during the winter.

The Quiet Area




This window, in the new addition, overlooks the Town of Plymouth.








The skylight, over the new Children’s area,  follows green building guidelines by using natural daylight to supplement electrical lighting.


The commitment of the library to use sustainable systems and features is evident with the solar panels that provide the electricity, skylights that reduce the need for electrical lighting, spray foam insulation and the double heat pump system saving costs and usage of fuel.

Samyn-D”Elia Architects has successfully worked on many municipal projects, including Town Offices, Fire and Police Stations and Libraries; but this project, being so close to home, made it especially meaningful to the architects and the contractor, Conneston Construction, Inc.

Photos by John Hession, New Millenium Studio

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