SDA’s preservation work has been recognized on a state and regional level by the NH Preservation Alliance, PlanNH and the New Hampshire and New England  chapters of the Architects Institute of America. Preservation projects include: the renovation and restoration of Ashland, NH’s historic schoolhouse and railroad station; additions and renovations to landmark churches in Concord, Dover, Wolfeboro, Moultonborough, and Portsmouth, NH; the restoration and renovation of a turn-of-the-century family camp on Squam Lake; and the conversion of the Plymouth, NH railroad station to a regional senior center.


Ashland Railroad Station, Ashland, NH

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The modest 1,200 SF Ashland Railroad Station was erected in 1869 by the Boston, Concord & Montreal Railroad.  The building had deteriorated over the years, yet still retained much of its original appearance when it was donated to the Ashland Historical Society in 1980.

With partial funding secured and recognition of the Station on the National Registry of Historic Places, the Society approached SDA to design a strategy for a complete restoration and renovation. The project included: structural repairs, a new slate roof, updated electrical and plumbing systems, the addition of restrooms, and the restoration of a piece of the track-side platform with the addition of a handicapped-accessible ramp.

Today, the station is once again a regular stop for sight-seeing trains that run on the BCM tracks.  Inside the station, a railroad museum offers showcases photographs and artifacts from train travel in the 1800s.  The station is also made available to the community for meetings and other gatherings.

With the renovation of this country railroad station, the people of Ashland and surrounding towns are offered a vivid reminder of the days when the railroad was the primary transportation system in America and the railroad station among the most important buildings in town.


American Institute of Architects NH, Excellence in Architecture

American Institute of Architects, New England, Excellence in Architecture

NH Preservation Alliance, Merit Award

PlanNH, Merit Award

Family Camp Renovation

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This classic New England camp has been in the Client’s family since it was built in 1910.  Cherished memories of summers spent on the lake made them reluctant, at first, to even think of renovation work.  Working with SDA, they resolved to keep the essence and atmosphere of this place they loved by maintaining the original construction and architectural details while accomplishing general repairs and opening the house up to the lake.  It was also important to the Client that the general character of the site be maintained.  The result is a renovated, repaired, and slightly expanded camp that the Clients are delighted to find, evokes all of the memories and feelings it always has.

The camp remains un-winterized, with exposed stud walls and wood heat.  A mix of original and refinished pine bead board paneling and Douglas Fir flooring are found throughout.  The new stair is less steep, but still features birch limb railings.  Windows were added and enlarged, but in every instance, new ones were built to match the existing casements. The Clients matched new furniture to camp originals and saved pieces whenever possible.

A stone entry was added to the screened porch as were skylights designed to let more light into the living room.  A fieldstone patio was added which is accessible from both the downstairs bedroom and the living room through new French doors.

Through selective branch trimming, original lake views were regained; however, the camp is just as the Clients remember it – barely visible from the quiet lake making almost no impact on the lovely shoreline.


American Institute of Architects NH, Excellence in Architecture

Plymouth Regional Senior Center, Plymouth, NH

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The 10,000 SF Plymouth Railroad Station served the town from 1910 until the late 1960s.  The tracks continued to be maintained and used even after the building was allowed to fall into disrepair.  Using funds raised by area communities and a Community Development Block Grant, the building committee hired SDA to design a renovation that would convert the station into the Plymouth Regional Senior Center.  The design concept was to restore and renovate the building while retaining as much of the railroad character as possible. Exterior renovation work was completed in consultation with the NH Department of Historic Preservation.  The landscaping and canopy were funded through an ISTEA Grant.  The grant included funds for brick walkways, handicap access and granite curbing.  Plantings were planned in consultation with the NH Department of Historic Preservation.

First Congregational Church, Dover, NH

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SDA worked with the Church’s building and steering committees to prepare a comprehensive feasibility study that examined possible solutions to the congregation’s need for more space for their many and varied church-based activities. SDA created a design that met the goals of the congregation and blended with the architectural character of the historic church.

Ashland Village Schoolhouse, Ashland, NH

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The town of Ashland, NH began the effort to save this 19th century schoolhouse in 1991, the year that the town’s high school students were transferred to a regional facility and the building was shuttered. When the school was almost torn down in the mid ’90s, Tri-County Action Program (Tri-CAP), a non-profit development group, came forward and began raising funds for a renovation.  By the time the finds were in hand – almost 16 years later – the building had deteriorated and was in poor condition.

SDA worked with Tri-CAP to renovate the historic schoolhouse into offices, a Head Start pre-school, and additional space for future tenants. The design goal was to renovate the building in a historically accurate way, replacing and renovating all features, details and surfaces as required.


New Hampshire Preservation,  Preservation Achievement

American Institute of Architects NH, Excellence in Architecture

New Hampshire Home Builders and Remodelers Association, Cornerstone Merit

North Church, Portsmouth, NH


SDA was part of a team headed by Milestone Engineering that participated in renovations to the 1671 North Church.  SDA was responsible for work that covered roof repair and renovation, brick repointing, bathroom and entry renovations, and stained glass window protection. 

In describing the significance of the North Church, NH State Architectural Historian James L. Garvin said, “Portsmouth looks to the North Church as the heart of the community and the point to which all eyes and ears habitually turn.  One of New Hampshire’s most significant mid-nineteenth century religious buildings, the North Church, embodies much of the long history of its community and captures in its imposing form the architectural language of its era.”


NH Preservation Alliance, Preservation Achievement