Post and Beam Home in Ski Country

This timber framed home is sited on a steep hillside facing a mountain of ski trails.  This photo was taken as the post and beam structure was being constructed.  All the beams seen here will show in the interior of the house, since SIPS – structural insulated panels- will be used on the outside of the frame.  These panels provide superior insulation and prevent thermal bridging between the wood frame and the outside conditions.  These insulating panels are prepared using a computer that cuts out window and door openings, making installation quick and efficient.

Fast forward.  The house is almost completed.  This is the front of the house that looks out to the ski trails.

The west side of the house.  The extensive use of insulating windows, especially facing south, bring the warmth of the sun in and keep the warmth inside after the sun sets.  A green building practice,  energy saving windows save energy for lighting by using more daylight instead of light bulbs.  


Coming around the side of the house you will find the lower level entry with the port cochere on the right that affords a covered entry to unload the car before proceeding to the back side into the garage.  Note the timber framing brackets are seen on the exterior as well as inside.




Timber framing details are carried through to the entry deck with curved brackets, and craftsman styled lighting.





The upper level deck, complete with grill faces the mountains to the south.


  The entry leads into the dining room which features a wine cellar refrigerator on the back wall.  Designing details like the wine cellar, selecting light fixtures,doors, appropriate and unique hardware for doors and cabinets, along with the overall creative design of the entire house is where the talents of the architects at Samyn-D’Elia Architects are utilized to the fullest.



The kitchen shows, as does all the house, the outstanding craftsmanship of the New Hampshire builder, The Lawton Co.






 Just off the great room, the kitchen is designed to be enjoyed by the family or host a party.   Using only Energy Star rated appliances saves energy consumption and money.


 The great room fireplace is alongside the great vaulted view to the mountains.





Great room ceiling and chandelier.






View from the balcony.





Master bath featuring imported tile.






The fireplace in the family room on the lower level. 





Exercise room.






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